Concept– They feature a display with dual layer construction & a recessed, dynamic face design as well as a complex, intricate sub-dial.  All made possible by Casio’s latest technology & unrestricted, bold imagination.  Along with a passion to do something that has never been done before.

Technology – Smart Access Electronic crown switches & multi-motor construction together enable the intuitive operation of multiple functions & smooth display switching that are Casio’s unique analogue system.

Tough Solar – Powered by light for a lifetime of use without changing a battery. Operates with electric power generated from solar energy & stored in a large-capacity rechargeable battery that never requires changing, this reducing the environmental burden. It generates ample power for smooth operation of various power-hungry functions, including 5-motor operation, alarms, sensors & backlights.

Generates sufficient electric power to keep on charging, even with limited light from cloudy skies or indoor fluorescent lighting.

It continues operating for approximately 2 years* on a full charge, even in unlighted locations. *with power saving on. Time differs with the model & usage condition.