CASIO has been well established worldwide as a brand of useful products and innovative functions. These attributes have been carried on through their popular range of quality timepieces.
Since the release of its first wrist watch in 1974, the CASIO brand has been set apart from other conventional timepiece brands and by continually enhancing technologies and design, it remains as a forefront in the industry.The CASIO range offers a variety of men’s and women’s digital and analogue watches, suitable for many different conditions and environments, and also stopwatches, wall clock s and alarm clocks.

Ultimate Toughness.

From its first release in 1983, the G-SHOCK watch has continued to stand the test of time with its proven durability and toughness. Engineered to be the world’s toughest, the G-SHOCK range of watches are able to withstand strong impacts and shaking through their revolutionary triple protection and design.

The G-SHOCK has long been known as the watch that pushes the limits of shock resistance and water resistance & these types of innovations and technologies continue with various new sensors, solar-powered radio controlled technology and new materials for even better durability. With long lasting practicality, functionality and a unique look, it is not surprising that these timepieces’s overturned conventional thinking to become a popular item worldwide.


Cute & Tough

Featuring the same functions and shock resistant technology, the BABY-G series is the fun, cute & feminine answer to the ever popular G-SHOCK watch. With its unique fusion of function & fashion, the BABY-G is ideal for those who like to mix style with practicality.

These widely popular watches boast playful pop colours, themes and cute designs whilst maintaining toughness and durability. With shock resistance and water resistance, plus many timekeeping functions, the BABY-G is the perfect accessory for work, the beach or the sports field.