Meet the Baywatch On Time team

Harvey Kidd
Company Director/Watchmaker MNZHI
Harvey founded Baywatch On Time in 1997. This was once he had completed his apprenticeship to become a fully qualified Watchmaker while continuing 12 years of practical experience within a retail and repair store in Wanganui. In 1997 he came to Tauranga and started out with a small repair workshop. Through gradual progression he is now part of a well-established retail and repair store located in downtown Tauranga.
Harvey is a proud father of two children, who are both in primary school. What Harvey enjoys most in his spare time is – fishing, hunting, camping and the great outdoors.
Julia Veitch
Company Director/Accounts Administrator
During Julia’s working career, she has held positions in hospitality (in Queenstown), customer services, and then moving into more accounts administration and book keeping positions. Julia met Harvey in 1998. In 2003 Harvey & Julia were expecting their first baby. Julia then started to take on more of the administration role within their business. As the children get older, she is able take on more responsibilities to improve the daily running of Baywatch.
During her spare time, Julia enjoys the outdoors, fitness and the running of the family home. The kids keep her busy – especially with their friends!